Christian Nerlinger

I know how exhilarating success feels. But also the effect injuries and sporting disappointments can have on a player. At the age of 20, I contested my first game for FC Bayern. After numerous titles and further moves to Dortmund, Glasgow and Kaiserslautern, I concluded my successful and wide-ranging career in 2005.

I had already planned my next move: a degree in Business Administration at the Munich Business School. During a study-abroad semester at the University of Bozen, I received an offer to join the management of FC Bayern – first as Team Manager and then, for three years, as Director of Sport. To this day, I draw great benefit from having worked with top players and trainers at the absolute highest level, as well as a close working relationship with one of the best club leaderships in the world.

Following on from that, together with the media group P7S1, in my role as CEO I established a player consultancy agency. More and more, I was dreaming of one thing: to found my own business according to my own ideas and philosophy. At CN Sports, I now seek to pass on all my experience from many areas of the professional sports business to you. So that you can also experience as often as possible: the exhilaration success.

Florian Rudy
Player Manager

At CN Sports, I take care of developing our talents as well as representing my younger brother, Sebastian Rudy. Having trained with the VfB Stuttgart youth team, including under Thomas Tuchel, I moved to Kaiserslautern, Hoffenheim then Karlsruhe before attaining my first professional contract at Unterhaching. There I played my first professional game under the management of Heiko Herrlich and Manuel Baum. After a year in Munich and six months in the USA I concluded my career on the pitch to begin working off it: alongside Julian Nagelsmann in the under-19s at Hoffenheim. At the same time, I began my degree in Sport Business Management. At CN Sports, I now throw everything I have got into the continual development of you and your career.

Adrian Spyrka

Adrian Spyrka
Player Manager

I would like to pass on the experience I have gathered, in particular as a player and football teacher, in the role of Player Manager – for the long term. I have been passionate about football ever since my childhood. As a youngster, I played for almost every national youth team. One of my highlights was no doubt the U20 World Cup Final in Chile. I made the leap up into the 1. Bundesliga in 1986, when I played for Borussia Dortmund. After further stints at 1. FC Köln, Rot-Weiss Essen (1994 Cup Final) and other clubs, I was unfortunately forced to end my career prematurely in 2002 as the result of an injury. For me, it immediately became clear that my work should remain closely aligned with football. In order to gain knowledge in the area of management, law and marketing, I completed degrees in Sport Management.

I embarked upon a career as a trainer at 1. FC Saarbrücken, continuing until 2016 after six years with the talented players of the Borussia Mönchengladbach U23 team. I then made a decision to change sides and became a Player Manager at the media business P7S1. Thanks in part to the excellent contacts I acquired and my network, I am now ideally positioned to take care of young upcoming players and professionals at CN Sports. I would love to accompany you in your career, drive you forward and bring out the best in you.

“There’s no such thing as coincidence,” as my trainer Wolfgang Frank used to say. Luck and success are things you work hard for and earn.

Neron Zejnullahu
Player Manager

I have accompanied many footballers from their youth to a professional contract and coached them mentally. Above all, my younger brother Eroll Zejnullahu. I already founded my first startup while studying for my degree in Economics at the University of Bayreuth and San Diego State University, CA. While doing so, I gained valuable insights into conducting intercultural negotiations as well as strategic business development. During my time as a player consultant at SAM Sports, I built an excellent network of links to professional clubs in Germany. In close co-operation with Christian Nerlinger, I have prepared, negotiated and successfully concluded player transfers.

As an immigrant from Kosovo, I know exactly how to build a living from scratch: with lots of discipline, ambition, optimism and trust. Trust in one’s own work, but also in partners and colleagues who accompany and support you. I would now like to share these experiences with you at CN Sports. And, as a strong partner, help you to work on improving yourself and get the very maximum out of yourself. Giving up is not an option.